• Image of Make Your Day: DIY, All Day Long

We think that DIY doesn’t need a special occasion. It’s an everyday thing. There’s a little space in each day for creating, and Make Your Day invites you to do just that: Create. An eBook organized as a round-the-clock adventure in DIY, Make Your Day features projects from sunup to sundown. It feels a lot like a crafternoon with your best friends (wine and gossip optional).

With the purchase of Make Your Day, you'll receive a PDF document filled with nearly 150 pages of crafty goodness. There are 20 DIY projects for crafters of all levels, bonus projects, insider tips, and more. Each tutorial is illustrated with hand-drawn images to help you in your DIY adventures. In addition, you'll receive printable templates, patterns, labels, gift tags, stickers, and mini cards.

Please Note: If you'd like to gift the book to a friend, please purchase multiple copies and send the recipient an individual download link. While we would love to give free copies to the world, we just plain can't. Thank you for your help in protecting our work and our copyright!

In addition, Make Your Day is a zipped file which is best downloaded and unzipped on your computer. After this process, feel free to transfer the file to a tablet.